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Success Stories

Success Stories

Here are some highlights from some swimcyclerunonline.com athletes.

Ricky Bolmers - Melbourne, Australia

'I have been coached by Mark since I began triathlon a couple of years ago. In my first season Mark coached me to several Top 10 AG finishes in the Gatorade Triathlon Series Melbourne. In my second season I moved up to 4th and then 2nd in my AG in successive races.

Mark has guided me through all aspects of my training and racing - equipment choices, nutrition, recovery, time management. I am looking forward to see how much further I can go in the sport with Mark's expert guidance.'

Sam Goh - Perth, Australia

'I came to Mark in Jan 2011 with a tendinitis that made even walking painful and had prevented me from running for almost a year. Under his guidance I was able to complete my first Ironman in that year in 10:49 (and on the way achieved an age group win for the Mega-Tri in Singapore).

Mark uses a scientific approach to training and I appreciate that he employs an all-rounded strategy which focuses heavily on nutrition and recovery. His training strategy not only pushes me physically but also emphasizes the psychological element, which was crucial for an Ironman. I felt I was never lost in the process. He listens to my needs and responses, tailors the program according to my needs and responses. I believe I wouldn't have done better any other way.'

Dr. Juliette Buchanan - Perth, Australia

'When I first heard Mark Pomery’s perspective on nutrition three years ago, my conservative Medical background caused me to be a bit sceptical about the practicalities and ‘real benefits’ of this emerging theory out of the USA based on limited ‘evidence’.

In 2013 as a 41 year old mid-pack runner and absolute novice cyclist  coached by Mark to complete my first Half-Iron distance triathlon, my body as well as my Clinical practice has totally changed. 

My biggest concern in taking on the training required, was the risk of over-training syndrome.  Having developed shingles while preparing for a trail marathon 12 months earlier, I didn’t want my body to let me down again.  Mark was very respectful of my concerns, while at the same time confident that he could coax me through the training volume required to finish the race happy and with body intact! 

In addition to providing the training plan and nutritional advice, he had to tactfully negotiate his way through my many logistical issues. These included  work, family life and living miles away from a decent swimming pool or safe long-distance cycle path!

It worked well! I trusted the process, and two weeks later am already wondering when I might “go long” again.'

Jim MacWhinnie - Southampton, New York

Success story coming soon ...

Therese Ellis - Perth, Australia

'It's February 2012 and I weigh 59kg, down from the 95kg I weighed just 12 months ago. Prior to working with Mark my nutrition was atrocious - I lived in a food pyramid trap, miserable and reclusive. Thanks to Mark I have now got my nutrition sorted. I now train consistently and have completed a number of triathlons, including a sprint distance event (750m swim; 20km cycle; 5km run), a feat that was unimaginable 12 months ago. Mark has been the vital link to my success - I no longer spend hours pouring over the internet and books trying to work out why I wasn't achieving the results the websites promised. Having Mark as my coach has meant I've able to fully focus on implementing healthy changes into my lifestyle using his experience, knowledge, and coaching skills as my guide. It has been the easiest and most enjoyable experience I could imagine.'